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90 Day Self-Realisation Program (Individual, Couples or Group)

This 90 Day Self-Realisation program is an amazing opportunity to go deep within and explore how your thoughts are affecting your current experience of life.  

This program is about examining our minds, noticing the stressful thoughts that we are believing and observing how this in turn, creates our reality.  By identifying and questioning our stressful thoughts, a space opens up.... a space which allows us to connect with our 'true nature': love - who we really are.  

If you are ready for change, then this program could be for you.  

It is for those seeking inner peace, love, self-empowerment and truth.

This can be a life changing experience and a wonderful opportunity to explore self-limiting beliefs and fears.  

The 90 Day Self-Realisation program can be undertaken as an individual, couple and/or group.  

What the individual & couples 90 Day Self-Realisation Program consists of:

  • 8 in-person sessions (can also be done via Skype)
  • Daily practices & weekly homework activities
  • E-mail & phone support should you need it

Cost for individuals: $1000

Cost for couples: $1400

Cost for groups (3 or more people): $600

Location:  Highgate, Perth, Western Australia

For more information or to book your 90 Day Self-Realisation Program, please contact Jacqui on: 0468 455751 or